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We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of honest and ethical business conduct, including ensuring full, fair, and accurate, estimates or contracts. Obeying the law, both in letter and in spirit, is the foundation of our success. Cooperating with local and state authorities is essential. It is important that you understand Home Improvement Contractors have legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business. Too many unqualified, ill-equipped, unskilled contractors will attempt to take advantage of your lack of knowledge with inferior designs and performance. Visit our showroom and distinguish with confidence that our designs and knowledge will reassure that your money is well spent.

You can contact the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs (www.njconsumeraffairs.com) to look up the guidelines or Information can be found on any Contractor including the status of their license number. Our license number is 13VH00392100.

Everyone ultimately has some horror story about how the contractor didn’t show up, the work didn’t happen, the business went bust and they lost their deposit, the job got started and never got finished and on and on. If you ask one of your neighbors that we have remodeled you will get good news on how smooth the renovation from day one through completion went as planned. Don’t be fooled by ads that have luring cheap prices and company names representing something they are not. When people choose to mislead in even the smallest instance, their tendency becomes obvious and most likely will continue throughout the transaction. Don't buy Junk or be foolish with your money.

You shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions. The following warnings are just some easy ways to notice potential fraud.

Do they have commercial plates on their vehicles? 
This is a visual warning you can see instantly when they arrive at your home. Commercial plates are stamped as such. Contractors must provide the proper insurances to do work in the State of New Jersey. Prior to working on your home they should provide you with a Certificate of insurance showing the amounts and types of insurance. 

Did they show up on time for the scheduled estimate appointment?
If not, most importantly did they call to inform you and ask if they can reschedule? Bathroom remodeling requires strict schedules to perform in a timely fashion. If you cannot keep schedules you cannot be efficient in remodeling.

Are the signs on the trucks or equipment they use removable? 
Fictitious signs are easily removed or changed.

Be alert for P.O. boxes or apartment numbers as business addresses.
Unworthy people just pack up and leave. Check to see if they have an established permanent business address. If a problem arises and you need to find the contractor who doesn't return or answer phone calls, your last chance may be to go to the actual business address. We will answer our phones Mon.-Fri. 10am-4:45pm and Saturdays 10 am - 2:30pm, 12 months a year.

Are they using a cell phone number as a business number.
No permanent address is a red flag warning you must reconsider.

Did someone answer the phone when you called or is it always an answer machine?
Can you find him if a problem arises? Do you have to leave a message? We believe that immediate responses are crucial to an adequate remodel. During the install we may need to search for parts. That's when an office manager is our knight in shining armor. 

Is he trying to get a deposit before the written contract can be reviewed? 
Fast sales or special deals must be written in detail. Anyone trying to get, or needs money on your estimate meeting should be considered a con-man. If you make quick decisions like this, just ask yourself after he leaves, "What did I buy?"

Do they give you a front lawn estimate on the first meeting?
All Bathrooms are not created equal. Every home and owner requirements are different and must be itemized. Check for a New Jersey State Dept. of Consumer Affairs (DCA), Home Improvement License www.njconsumeraffairs.com. 

The state for you protection has required all contractors or ANY business that collects money from homeowners must be registered and issued a license number. Building departments cannot issue permits without it. Make sure they provide the names of the people that will be entering your home during the construction phases? Many contractors use subprime labor to save expenses, you will need to know the quality of the mechanics doing the work. Have they been employed by them for a long time? If a contractor says, "I will do all the work myself", beware and check their track history. Ask for a referral list. Past customers are the best way to check if what they actually got what they thought they were getting. 

Did they have product knowledge and are they willing to show you the options available? 
It’s all about the options. All products have a wide price range, for example you can select a toilet for $99.00 or $1,000.00. Design consultation is a big required step in bathroom remodeling.

Do they have in writing a start date?
Ask previous customers did they perform as they expected. Can the job be done in a 
reasonable time-line?

Will they provide a written warranty?
Details are needed in this area the same as buying a car, how long and what expenses are included.

Do they have a web site for your review before you buy from them?
The new age of buying is leaning towards a web site connection. Can you research there web site for additional information?

Are they asking for a deposit larger than normal?
Beware. A payment schedule must be detailed and balanced. Don't pay more than 1/3 of the contract price as a deposit. Any projects that take 1 day or less may require a 50% deposit and that will be normal. Don't pay in full.

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