The Water Closet’s Terms Of Service

 NJ Remodeling Contractor

Warranty and Terms
We warranty to the original consumer the product in our contract, including labor, will be free of defective materials and workmanship, for a (1) one year period. Our liability under this warranty shall be to either repair or replace, with an identical or reasonably equivalent product. In the alternative if any items to be installed need repairs or replacement you may withhold from the final payment the value of the missing or damaged product only. We may refund in full the actual purchase price of the product, if the repair or replacement is not possible within a reasonable time. This warrant is not applicable if the products were subject to accident, misuse, or abuse. After (1) year from the date of installation we disclaim all labor cost and consumers must refer to the original manufacturers product warranty. Labor will be an extra cost. Any warranty implied by law and not effectively excluded by this limited warranty is limited to the duration and remedies of this limited warranty. In no event shall the Company be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price of the merchandise and/or contract. This limited warranty does not include incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind and the Company disclaims any liability for any such damages. The forgoing constitutes our entire obligation under this contract and warranty; we make no other express or implied warranties.


Contract Payment requirements will require 1/3 at the signing of a contract, 1/3 upon delivery and start of work, and 1/3 (less $100.00 per inspection required) upon completion. The completion payment will be divided into 3 checks (plumber, electrician, and balance due to The Water Closet).

Projects that require 1 day or less for the installation will have a 50% deposit and the balance of 50% upon completion. Owners have the right to cancel any installation contract within (3) business days from the signing for a full refund. All payments will be by check, cash, money orders or credit cards to The Water Closet. Credit card fees not refundable.

Retail sales require 50% deposit and balance upon pick up. Delivery charges start at $75.00
All Deposits are by check, money order or cash only. Design fees are due in full upon request.


If permits are required a final payment will be allocated according to State Law 13:45A-16.2 at $100.00 per inspection. Owners must be present for the final building department inspections. Failure to close the permit within 30 Days of the completion will result in a 3% interest charge on any outstanding contract balances, and owners will be responsible for any fines or additional cost the state or local building departments may assess.

Allowances, Credits and Change Orders

Amounts included in the contract for the plumber and electrician is a cost estimate only. At your request, The Water Closet, acting as the owners’ agent, will schedule the mechanics and inspectors needed. A bill from each mechanic will be provided and payments for their bill will be made directly to them for their work. The amounts listed as allowances for electric or plumbing in the contract will be credited to the owners invoice when the appropriate payment is due. Any other changes to the contract may result in an extra cost or credit to the next scheduled payment. If any additional work requested requiring items not available (special order) will result in a separate work order and a return visit to be scheduled.

Installation Terms and Agreement

All materials are guaranteed to be as manufacturers specified as new. Any display or reconditioned items or items supplied by owners will not be warranted unless written in the contract. All product installations will be as specified. All installation work will be performed in consecutive work days. Access and cooperation of the owner must include continuous access to the project during the working hours of 7:30a.m. - 4:30 pm. Monday through Friday on the dates scheduled for your installation. If repair or service is requested under the terms of our written warranty, they must also be scheduled during our normal working hours.

Owners must provide work area and storage for all the materials on premises during installation dates provided. Owners have design options available during the construction phase. If owners cannot be present during the installation then contractor's design is the accepted and cannot be altered after the items are installed. A written change order is required with the cost for any changes. All homes are not perfectly level or plumb, our contract doesn't include any restructuring of the existing room unless it is requested and written in detail with the cost prior to signing of a contract. If your home is out of level, square or plumb prior to us updating the fixtures or any contract items, it will remain the same when we finish. Any unforeseen additional work, alteration or deviation from the specifications, or unexpected modifications (during construction) to the existing sub-floor or open walls necessary, will result in an extra cost or credit to be applied to the next scheduled payment.

A binding agreement that any controversy or claim rising out of or relating to this contract, or breach of this contract shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of a Court of Law. A judgment of a court having jurisdiction may be entered upon the arbitrators’ award within the boundaries set forth in the limited warranty. All agreements are contingent upon delays beyond our control. Any delays caused by the Owner, including items added or changes requested to the contract that require a return trip will be an extra trip charge. Any request to change the contracted install date must be done 9 days prior to avoid any rescheduling fees. Any delay to the working hour agreement in this contract caused by the buyer during the install procedure, will result in an extra charge according to our daily hourly cost.

Insurance Policies

Owners of property must carry fire, tornado, and a standard home-owner insurance policy. Owners are responsible for the safety of all items stored during construction. Our workers are fully covered by Workman's Compensation insurance. At your request a copy of the lien holder certificate can be supplied for all the insurance policies we have in place concerning your project and purchase.


No painting or wallpaper in any areas of the home including nail pops or damage that may occur in the adjacent rooms. We will sand any repairs smooth and owners will be responsible for painting. All new wood trim will have nails set (recessed) only.

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